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Category: Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation Procedure Steps

Posted December 24 | Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation is a major cosmetic surgery procedure involving a number of steps. While the surgical techniques to perform this procedure can vary, the overall steps largely remain unchanged. The surgery can be customized to suit the patient’s specific needs. At the time of initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss about the steps involved in […]

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Breast Augmentation Candidates

Posted December 11 | Plastic Surgery

Women usually seek breast augmentation surgery for cosmetic purposes, whether to increase the size of naturally small breasts, correct the asymmetry between the breasts, or just to create a more voluptuous breast appearance. In some cases, breast augmentation may also be used as a part of breast reconstruction to restore breasts after a mastectomy. Dr. […]

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Breast Augmentation Implant Plastic Surgery Recovery Time

Posted November 25 | Plastic Surgery

Improvements in surgical techniques over the years have helped to make breast augmentation implant surgery less invasive and less complicated. While the post-operative recovery has become simpler, it still continues to be an important component of the overall procedure. At the time of initial consultation, the breast surgeon will discuss the expected duration of recovery […]

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Introducing the NEW Ideal structured breast implant

Posted November 16 | Breast Procedures, Plastic Surgery

Now there are three types of breast implants: saline, silicone gel and the NEW structured implant. You deserve beauty without compromise. The IDEAL IMPLANT Difference Lower rupture rate and higher rupture strength—no silent rupture No MRI needed—look in the mirror to know that your implants are intact No sticky silicone gel from ruptured implants in […]

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Newport Beach Female Cosmetic Surgeon

Posted November 02 | Plastic Surgery

Advancements in the field of plastic surgery have made the procedures safer, more predictable, and more effective, but the single most paramount factor that continues to impact the final outcome in such procedures is the skill and experience of the operating surgeon. Dr. Angela Champion is board certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon providing a range […]

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How much does Breast Implant Plastic Surgery Cost?

Posted October 02 | Breast Procedures, Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic surgery procedure in the US today. However, it is an elective procedure, which means the insurers will not pay for it. Therefore, a woman should consider the costs of the surgery carefully before deciding to go ahead with it. During the initial consultation, the breast surgeon will educate […]

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Your Orange County Area Female Plastic Surgeon

Posted September 25 | Plastic Surgery

Advancements in cosmetic surgery have led to a dramatic increase in the success rates of various procedures over the years. However, the skill and training of the plastic surgeon continues to be the single most important factor that will impact the final outcome in any cosmetic procedure. Therefore, patients should invest a fair amount of […]

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Your Newport Beach Female Plastic Surgeon

Posted August 20 | Plastic Surgery

Dr. Angela Champion distinguishes herself as a female plastic surgeon who bridges the ‘gender gap’ in the field of plastic surgery. As a woman, she brings a unique perspective and approach to surgery, and combines her natural empathy with professional expertise to deliver fantastic work for her patients on a consistent basis. Dr. Champion adopts […]

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Practice Overview

Posted August 05 | Plastic Surgery

Dr. Angela Champion  is proud to serve patients at a dedicated private plastic surgery practice that is equipped to provide cutting edge cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. Each patient of Dr. Champion’s is assured of personalized care and attention. The practice combines the best principles of science and art to create safe, […]

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