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Newport Beach

“Dr. Champion is amazing and her staff is super helpful! I had a breast aug about 3 weeks ago, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience (both before and after surgery), and I’m ecstatic with my results. Dr. Champion and Mimi have answered every question I could think of during the process, and they prepared me every step of the way. I would absolutely recommend this doctor and her team to anyone looking for a positive environment and fantastic results!”

“Dr. Champion is one of the best surgeons. She did my Breast Augmentation back in 2012 and my Tummy Tuck/Abdominal Wall Tightening in June 2014. Words cannot express how happy I am with my results and how amazing Dr. Champion and Mimi are. I know I drove Mimi crazy at certain points of my recovery, but she was there telling me everything would be okay and tending to all of my needs with extreme passion and professionalism. I couldn’t have asked for a better team/experience. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Champion to anyone looking for a great surgeon with patience, knowledge, genuine concern and a love for what she does. Making us look absolutely amazing one surgery at a time.”

“I got a breast augmentation done a month ago…and am beyond pleased with my results. Also pleased with my choice in office and surgeon, Dr. Champion is so sweet and takes time to listen. Along with her staff (Mimi) is so great and helpful. This Beauty team really do care about you and about making sure they keep a follow up on you. If I had a concern it was always addressed. This experience has been incredible!”

“I saw Dr. Champion back in August 2014 to get my breast reconstructed to look more symmetrical. Not only was her staff in office and her staff at the out patient facility amazing, the overall experience was so comfortable. I had such anxiety going into the surgery. But Dr. Champion and her staff are so wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Champion to anyone looking into any future plastic surgery. Thank you Dr. Champion and staff.”

“To convey the level of gratitude I have for my breast implant exchange that Dr. Champion performed on me, leaves me speechless, and “thank you” just doesn’t seem enough. I came to her very un-happy with my breast augmentation I had done about 8 years ago. She assessed my breasts and listened to my concerns. She informed me that I was encapsulated on both sides, and my implants were also over the muscle. I wanted a much more natural looking breast, but also wanted to go larger. She informed me that by going under the muscle and removing all the scar tissue I would look a lot more natural. She took her time and did not rush me at all. She made me feel so comfortable, and both she and Mimi are so kind and caring. If you are “shopping” for a Plastic Surgeon for a breast augmentation I can honestly tell you to go straight to Dr. Champion, she pays so much attention to detail, and I feel she truly understands you because she is a woman herself. In the end I was still a little indecisive of exactly what size I wanted to go with, but I felt so comfortable with her and trusted her judgment that I left it up to her, and I cannot tell you how happy I am! I honestly feel that I have the perfect breasts; they are exactly what I had pictured in my mind. As a side note, but to me as equally as important Mimi, Dr Champion’s Patient Consultant, was so helpful and knowledgable about every little question I had. I would call her after my surgery so many times with questions and concerns and she always got right back to me and put my mind at ease. She would also walk me through how things were going to go for the next few months. Thank you both so much for everything!”

“I am so thrilled with my results! I had a breast augmentation about 9 years ago with saline implants and had really good results. I was very happy but as I got older, they just seemed a little big for me, but I was afraid to mess around with them because my results were so good and I really had no problems. You know, if it’s not broke? I thought about going to my original surgeon, but remembered I had a terrible experience. No one told me what to expect, no one would call me back or what they would look like or anything! I was crying and so unhappy but they did turn out great, thank goodness. Over the years, I decided to go on a few consultations and when I met Dr. Champion, I knew she would be the one to do it. I wasn’t sure about how many cc’s I had and she said it wouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, I had my surgery a few months ago and I switched to silicone gel and went a little smaller. I trusted her and her patient consultant to understand what I was looking for, and can I just say BEST thing I ever did and I wish I met her sooner so it could’ve been done sooner? They are the perfect size. I was already under the muscle so I was feeling great the next day! They are softer and slightly smaller and the incision in my fold is thin and healing very well. They look natural. I’m so happy!! Thank you Dr. Champion and your awesome staff for all the care before and after surgery. I will definitely be referring everyone to you!”

“Love love love Dr Champion and her staff Mimi and Traci. They are not only knowledgable, but friendly, professional, and genuinely concerned about their patients. They are always happy to answer questions and never make you feel like you’re bothering them. I can’t say enough about how comfortable they made me feel throughout this whole process. They truly felt like friends I’ve had for years. I could ask them anything! I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes for any of my appointments. If Traci was with another patient, Mimi would rush out and take me in, or vice versa. They value your time while giving you as much time as you need in their office. I highly recommend Dr Champion and her staff!!”

“I can’t tell you how happy I am that I chose Dr. Champion for my breast augmentation! Not only is she knowledgeable, professional and precise, but she is so kind, caring, and personable. She really, truly wants you to be happy with your results! From the day I met her, she listened to me and put my nerves at ease. She looked out for my best interest, and that meant so much to me. Mimi, my patient consultant, was always so super sweet, she helped me prep for my surgery and answered every one of my little questions that may be small to some, but were so important to me. I was walked through this entire positive, life changing process with personal attention and care. Pre surgery and post surgery I felt cared for and I looked forward to my appointments and check ups in the office. I would definitely refer Dr. Champion to anyone I know. You will be so happy!! Thank you so much for such a great experience!”

“Dr. Champion is a great listener. She and her staff, especially Mimi Harris, are true professionals. I look forward to my next visit!”

“I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Angela Champion and her staff. I was referred to Dr. Champion for my breast augmentation by an acquaintance, who had also undergone this same procedure. When I met Dr. Champion, I immediately liked her because she was not only professional but also very personable. At the time, I decided to delay my breast augmentation for a year, but I knew when I was ready, I’d go back to her. One year later, I was ready, and I called up Mimi and set up another consultation. I was shocked that both Mimi and Dr. Champion remembered me! It was a nice feeling because I’m sure they both see tons of patients. When determining the size of my implants, I didn’t have any idea, so I gave the instruction that I wanted to look as “natural as possible.” I’m a petite Asian woman, so as you can imagine, I was wondering how “natural” I could look with implants. Dr. Champion ultimately decided the size and placement of the implants. After that was determined, I remember having all these other questions about the surgery and post-op. I had been scouring the internet and feeling apprehensive about the recovery and everything I had read. While bombarding Dr. Champion with questions, she eased all my concerns and told me we were just going to take this one step at a time. I walked out of her office that day feeling confident, more comfortable, and ultimately excited for the procedure.

“On my surgery day, the outpatient surgical center was extremely nice. All the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Afterwards, I was told that Dr. Champion was one of the best the nurses have seen. They stated she was quick and very efficient. I told them, “I know, I picked a great doctor!” The day after my surgery, I woke up feeling a little stiff and sore, but I will say, I think I had an easy recovery. I saw Dr. Champion that next day, and she explained it went very well. Again, I attribute that to her exceptional surgical skills. My follow up appointments were also easy and actually enjoyable. Dr. Champion has a great staff, including Mimi and Traci. Mimi is a great resource, and Traci is a wonderful PA. I had full access to Traci, and I could text her with even the smallest of questions. My results have been phenomenal! I get compliments all the time, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I can’t imagine having gone to any other doctor, and I would highly recommend Dr. Champion for any cosmetic surgery. She’s skilled, extremely professional, and strives to ensure her patients are happy.”

“EXCELLENT SURGEON!!! I suffered a bad fall and shattered my cheek bone requiring reconstructive surgery. I had to find a “plastics and reconstructive surgeon” fast before the bones had a chance to fuse…which was quite an ordeal in itself. I met one surgeon and even made a surgical date, but after going to Dr. Champion for a 2nd opinion, I was blown away by her and her staff. I felt more than welcomed and Dr. Champion was incredibly warm and caring…immediately putting me at ease. She explained everything in great detail as to what she would do, why and how… while focusing not only on the internal structures, but the aesthetic aspects as well…after all, this wasn’t just a another simple cosmetic case, she literally had to rebuild my cheek bone! I found this most comforting and immediately switched to her.

“The surgery went extremely well. When I awoke from the anesthesia, Dr. Champion was right there, by my side, explaining how everything went. That night, she even called again to check on me. What doctor does that anymore???

“I had several post-op checks thereafter and each time, I met with her directly. It’s now two months since and no one can tell I had surgery! I couldn’t be happier with the results!

“Her office staff is amazing and they take their time with you and don’t make you feel rushed. Her treatment coordinator, Angie was particularly kind and helpful, answering all my questions before and after and always greeted me with a smile.

“Dr. Champion isn’t just another plastic surgeon with incredible surgical skills… she genuinely cares about her patients and the work she does for them. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!”

UPDATE – “I continue to see Dr. Champion and I’m referring everyone I know to her. I’m completely healed now and looking even better than before the accident!”

“I was born with Pectus Excavatum, which is an abnormal formation of the rib cage that gives the chest a caved in or sunken appearance.  The doctors said that there was not much they could do for my diagnoses except wait and see. Years went by and my freshman year of high school I was trying out for my high schools varsity volleyball team. During the warm-up exercises, I collapsed onto the gym floor feeling like I could not breathe. Coaches blamed it on me, thinking I was not in good enough shape to try out but my mom knew better. As I arrived at the doctors, the first thing he wanted to see was my chest. Mind you, I have not shown my caved in chest to anyone for years because my right breast was completely flat while my left breast was a full “C” cup. After exposing my chest for the doctor to examine, he looked at my mother and said, “When did this get so bad?” Before I knew it, my mom and I were off to UCLA that same day to go see a specialist the first doctor recommended.

“Once we arrived at UCLA the doctor, who was one of the only doctors at the time known to perform pectus excavatum reconstruction surgery, was waiting with his team for me. Again, I had to reveal my sunken in chest to the specialist and his team of 15 people. My mother asked the specialist, “ On a scale from 1-10, where is my daughter at?” The specialist looked at her and said, “This is beyond a 10. It has to be the worst case I have ever seen. We need to get her into surgery ASAP!” At that moment I knew I was about to begin a long journey to fixing my chest.

“Two weeks later I was back at UCLA being prepped for my first of many chest surgeries.  That day I was in surgery for 11 hours where they implanted a six-inch metal rod across my chest that was held in place by being screwed into my ribs. I remember waking up and feeling like there was an elephant sitting on my chest but the rest of my recovery at UCLA is a blur. Six months later, the metal rod was removed and for a year we waited to see if any breast tissue would grow back, but unfortunately none did. Being a 16-year-old girl in high school and having such a drastic size difference in each of my breast made me feel like a “freak”. I had no confidence in myself, which lead me to not socialize with my peers, and I never felt so alone.

“We then began to look for a plastic surgeon so I could get breast implants and feel normal like all the other girls my age. We found a plastic surgeon here in Orange County and explained to him that I would need my right breast a little bigger than my left. The surgery went well and I woke up to the nurse’s high fiving each other and some even had tears in their eyes over my story and the journey that I have been through with my chest.  A year then passed and I began to notice something was not right with my left breast. Falling back into old habits and not wanting to go through another surgery, I didn’t tell my mom or anyone that again, something was wrong.

“Life went on; I went to college, got married, had a baby and put on a bit of weight. In 2013, my father passed and I knew I had to get my health in order. I lost 70 pounds and I was on the road to feeling healthy, strong and beautiful. One day I was out with my mom and she looked at me and said, “What is going on with your chest?” I then told her I really didn’t know, but I think my left breast had collapsed.  Right away my mother wanted me to make an appointment with her plastic surgeon that she met 3 years prior, Angela Champion.

“Walking into my first appointment, I was greeted by her wonderful staff making me feel more comfortable and at ease. I then met Doctor Angela Champion and told her my story and I could see a sparkle in her eye, like “This is going to be fun” because not everyday you get to work on a chest as bad as mine.  I knew right away she was the one who was going to fix my breast for good. Two weeks later I was going into surgery, but this time I had a lot of anxiety because I had a daughter at home waiting for me. Arriving at the surgical center and seeing Dr. Champion and her staff giving me so much support, I knew this was exactly were I was suppose to be. Hours later, I woke up in post-op and felt very comfortable with my pain only being a 2 on a scale from 1-10. Dr. Champion told me after the surgery that it took longer than expected because it was worst than what we thought. During my surgery, Dr. Champion put a 550 cc implant on my left breast and an 800 cc implant on my right. Even with the huge difference in the size of the implants, I’m completely symmetrical. Not only did Dr. Champion make my breast perfect, she gave me back my confidence that I lost when I was 16.  I have never felt more beautiful, sexy, and secure than I do today and I am forever grateful to Dr. Champion and her team.”

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