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Breast Augmentation With Lift
Newport Beach

Breast Augmentation With Lift Procedure

There are times when a breast augmentation is not enough to help you reach your desired result. If you are hoping to achieve round perky breasts with cleavage but have saggy or droopy breasts, it is not uncommon that a combination of a breast augmentation with a lift will be recommended. Many women find that doing these procedures together is more convenient with their busy schedule and opt to do them at the same time.

Some benefits of this combination include:

  • Increases fullness while improving sagginess and shape
  • Adds projection to the breasts
  • Brings proportion to the body
  • Typically, you will only need one surgery with one recovery
  • Surgery center and anesthesia savings

There are different types of lifts that Dr. Champion may recommend with your breast augmentation depending on the severity of your breast droopiness.

Who is a Candidate for a Beast Augmentation with a Lift

If you are in good physical health, at a stable weight, a non-smoker and feel that your breasts are droopy, sagging or have lost shape and volume, you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation with lift. Other reasons may include experiencing asymmetry, loss of upper pole volume, pendulous or elongated breasts or your nipples are pointing downward. Dr. Champion will go over your best options at your consultation so you can achieve the most optimal result.

Breast Lift Recovery

While recovery depends on the individual, like any surgery, breast augmentation with lift recovery requires rest following the procedure. Most patients may return to work, depending on their occupation, within a week after surgery. Post-Op instructions will be provided as well as follow up appointments with types of activities to avoid in the weeks following your surgery. Your results are immediately visible although there may be minimal to no bruising or swelling, and incision lines will fade over time.

Of course, breast implants and your body will age over the course of your lifetime. Pregnancy, weight loss and menopause may influence the appearance of your augmented breasts. For these reasons, you may need to replace your breast implants and have a secondary lift years after your initial procedure. In the meantime, you can expect to have long-lasting results that will allow you more choices in clothing and greater comfort when unclothed. If you are like many women who have this combination surgery, you may also have a boost in self-confidence.

Dr. Champion and her highly knowledgeable team will help guide you through your recovery by being available to answer questions regarding your breast augmentation with lift procedure that may arise. In some situations, it may not be possible to achieve optimal results with a single surgical procedure and another surgery may be necessary. In rare cases, complications may arise, but can be managed when immediately reported to Dr. Champion.

Implant Types

There are basically 2 types of implants, saline and silicone. There are smooth, round silicone and saline implants as well as textured silicone and saline implants. Because studies have shown that BIA-ALCL (breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma) most often occurs with textured implants, manufacturers have voluntarily recalled textured implants. Manufacturers have also made improvements on both types of saline and silicone implant by creating a structured saline and the gummy bear silicone implant.

Saline Implant

A saline implant is a silicone shell that is filled with sterile saline water. The FDA has approved the use of this implant on women 18 years and older. If you have asymmetric breasts, your surgeon may fill each side with a different amount of saline water so your result is more symmetric. If the shell tears, the saline will absorb and naturally be eliminated by the body and your breast will appear deflated. There is no immediate concern when this occurs except the obvious asymmetry.

Structured Saline Implant

For those patients who want the security of a saline implant but the natural feel of a silicone implant, there is the Ideal Structured Implant. This implant was created by plastic surgeons to offer the benefits of both types of implants to patients.

Silicone Implant

Silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel to feel more like a real breast. The FDA has approved this implant for women who are 22 years or older. If this implant leaks, this is considered a silent rupture because it will not be visually obvious since your implant will not deflate and collapse like a saline implant. If you are concerned that your implant is leaking, it is recommended that you see your surgeon for an evaluation.

Gummy Bear Silicone Implant

This is the newest technology in silicone implants. This form stable or highly cohesive implant, often referred to as the gummy bear implant, is made of a much thicker silicone that maintains its shape. If it ruptures, while it is recommended that you replace them as soon as possible, there is less concern of the gel leaking out of your pocket. Because this is a form stable implant, it may feel slightly firmer that then standard silicone gel implant but offers the peace of mind many women are seeking.

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