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Breast Augmentation Implant Plastic Surgery Recovery Time

Posted November 25, 2016 in Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation Implant Plastic Surgery Recovery Time | NewportImprovements in surgical techniques over the years have helped to make breast augmentation implant surgery less invasive and less complicated. While the post-operative recovery has become simpler, it still continues to be an important component of the overall procedure. At the time of initial consultation, the breast surgeon will discuss the expected duration of recovery and the precautions to be taken during that time.  

Dr. Angela Champion is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon providing breast augmentation implant plastic surgery and various other procedures. Patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and surrounding communities have an opportunity to receive breast implants in a state of the art treatment environment from Dr. Champion.

Estimated Downtime

Following breast augmentation implant surgery, the patient should take plenty of rest for the first few days. She should stay at home until the initial bruising and pain has subsided and the incisions have begun to heal. Once the surgeon removes the sutures and drain tubes, most women will be in a position to return to their normal routine or go back to work.

The patient should expect to go through a total downtime of about one week to 10 days until she is ready to resume her regular routine. During this period, she should do short walks at home at frequent intervals and perform mild activities after the first two days. This will support the blood flow and contribute to faster recovery.

The exact recovery period and downtime will differ from one patient to another, depending on the surgical technique, type and size of implants, implant placement above or below the pectoral muscle, the skill of the plastic surgeon, and the patient’s natural healing ability. Patients should avoid vigorous activities and exercises for about three to four weeks to ensure a safer and complete recovery.

Post-Surgical Garments

In case of submuscular implant placement, the patient will be required to wear a surgical bra. This bra should be worn at all times for several weeks, except when bathing. If the patient has undergone subglandular implant placement, she may only require a normal bra without underwire because of the smaller incisions and faster healing in this case.

A surgical bra or a wrap-style bandage is important because it will help to harmonize the breast tissue and muscle with the implants. The breasts will be able to acquire their full desirable shape with this bra by the time the healing is completed. Board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Champion receives patients from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and nearby areas for breast implants.

No Smoking during Recovery

If the patient is a smoker, the surgeon will instruct her to refrain from smoking for a certain period of time before and after breast implant plastic surgery. Post-surgical healing and smoking do not go together. The nicotine in the tobacco may cause shrinking of the blood vessels, leading to reduction in the blood oxygen levels. This will hinder the functioning of red blood cells, delaying the recovery and increasing the risk of post-op complications.

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