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2016 New Year’s Skin Care Beauty Resolutions!!

Posted January 11 | Facial Procedures, News

WOW!! Can you believe it is already 2016!?! We sure can’t!! 2015 was a great year and we are expecting 2016 to be another fantastic year for everyone!! If you are like us, you have some RESOLUTIONS to make, but this year, how about we put a twist on it and make BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS!! Doesn’t […]

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The BEST Christmas Gift Ever!!

Posted December 02 | News, Non-Invasive Procedures, Plastic Surgery

Christmas is the time of giving…not only things that we need or things that we want, but things that we know will make the recipient truly happy and things that make us truly happy. According to an article in Time online, “gifting” plastic surgery is on the rise and quickly becoming a holiday trend…YAY!! In […]

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October is “PINKtober” in our office!!

Posted October 01 | Breast Procedures, News

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and definitely time to celebrate!! According to the FDA, there are almost 40 million mammograms done each day in the United States…WOW, who knew?? Thanks, in part, to this Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, deaths due to breast cancer has decreased to 34% since 1990! We are getting there because […]

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Oh NO! Most Americans DON’T use sunscreen!!

Posted September 01 | News

Sunscreen is so important but findings in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology are showing that a majority of Americans are not regularly using sunscreen! Despite aggressive public awareness initiatives, only 14.3% of men and 29.9% of women are using it on their face and other exposed skin on a regular basis. A […]

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CareCredit Does More Than Just Finance!!

Posted August 04 | News

CareCredit If you are looking for some help to finance your surgery, CareCredit is most likely one of the companies that popped up in your Google search. Offering instant approval, an assortment of payment plans at a reasonable interest rate and even several zero interest plans makes CareCredit a “no-brainer” for those looking for financial […]

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Geographic Beauty

Posted July 08 | Facial Procedures, News, Non-Invasive Procedures, Plastic Surgery

NY Face vs. the LA Face and the differences that the Top Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists noticed Beauty isn’t just in the eye of the beholder…it depends on where you live too! Geography plays an important role when it comes to what is considered desirable. For example, what is considered beautiful in Japan is vastly […]

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Selfie Obsession!!

Posted May 04 | Facial Procedures, News, Non-Invasive Procedures

Selfie Obsession and Plastic Surgery Everyone is doing it! Can you guess what “IT” is? If you said SELFIES, you are right!! They are quickly (if not already) becoming a huge trend in social media but did you know that psychiatrists are linking them to a person’s obsession about their looks?? Let’s admit it, when […]

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ZO Skin Health Seminar

Posted May 07 | News

Skincare is one of the most important steps in our fight against aging!  What is the first thing you really notice when you meet someone?  Their skin.  Is it dry, oily, loose, wrinkled? It can age you but it can also make you look years younger! Skincare is something that always needs to be updated […]

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