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The BEST Christmas Gift Ever!!

Posted December 02, 2015 in News, Non-Invasive Procedures, Plastic Surgery

images-1 Christmas is the time of giving…not only things that we need or things that we want, but things that we know will make the recipient truly happy and things that make us truly happy. According to an article in Time online, “gifting” plastic surgery is on the rise and quickly becoming a holiday trend…YAY!! In an ABC News Report, plastic surgeons stated that depending the the procedure, the trend of “gifting” plastic surgery has risen 20%-35%, a dramatic increase wouldn’t you agree?? Gift card sales of around $150-$200 are part of that increase and cover lower cost, non-invasive procedures such as Botox or anti-aging skincare. That’s not the only type of plastic surgery “gifting” that is on the rise. Actual surgery is on the rise!! Why?? The most common answer is because there is simply just more time off for recovery and it also helps meet a popular New Year’s goal of kicking off the New Year with a new look!!

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